Thursday, April 8

My Love/Hate Relationship with Plants

Oh the simplicated world of plants. I love to grow them. I think they make a house a home, I think they are pretty. They provide oxygen and green in the dead of winter. But I hate them too. They need water all the time, and sunlight. My dog Beans will eat them if they smell (My aloe vera and lavender plants are the latest victims). And worst of all, they die. I will kill every plant eventually. I don't know if the one from last summer is going to make it. He's got the flu or something.

The only plant I've been able to keep for several years is a rubber tree. It doesn't need a lot of water, and it warns me ahead of time if it's going downhill (ONE leaf will turn brown and fall off). I think I should name my rubber tree. He's like Old Faithful, shooting up little new growths every now and then. Old Faithful. It's fits.

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