Sunday, April 11

Shopping Fast Day 1

In the quest toward simplicity, I am embarking on a 40 day fast from shopping. Not groceries of course, but the things I buy that I do not need. Yes, sometimes I need clothes. Yes, coffee, movies, and clothes are fun and they make time with friends sweet, but for 40 days I will not be purchasing any of these things.

It seems to me that we have plenty, but in the mind we think we need more. Unfortunately, we are never satisfied. Even the richest of rich are not satisfied when they can buy anything they want. After listening to Josh Loveless talk about finances in 2 podcasts from Status, I was inspired to rethink what's important (Podcasts are from the Relent + Respond series, dated 3/15/09 and 3/22/09) . If you don't realize how much we as Americans make in comparison to the rest of the world, check out Enter in your salary and then, give thanks.

40 days. Care to join me?


Addie said...

You've got me thinking, Chelsea. We could certainly stand to go on a shopping fast in our house. I'll run the idea past Ian and maybe we'll join! Would make for a fun sisterly blog project...

Chelsea Barrett said...

I could use the support... :)