Saturday, April 17

Shopping Fast Day 6

I'm almost through my first week of no shopping (except for groceries/food) and it's been fun actually. I've had many conversations this week with friends and family about values and finances. Relationships are deeper and minds have been stirred. Hopefully I will have a few people join me in this cleansing of self and a journey toward simplicity. Things I have resisted this week: a movie (even though it was only going to be $1), take-out lunch, and browsing the outlet stores in Osage Beach. Things I have gained this week: more meaningful discussion with friends and family, and a clearer view on what's important. Not bad. :)


Addie said...

Hey, food sister for life! I'm so proud of you and what you're learning already in your project.

Can't wait to see you in May!

mom said...

When you decide to give up the process of buying, you realize how silly our country is for basing our values on consumerism. Keep fighting against it even after the 40 days. Maybe we can keep our favorite styles around a lot longer and save a ton of money for travel to see our families.