Saturday, April 3

Something humorous to make you smile*

Good friends come and go.  Twenty-somethings know all about this.  College means the real friends you want to know for life, unlike high school, but that's the dizzy.  You're all there to leave.  I'm sure I'm not the only 24 year old who's watered up a bit (occasionally balled like Ripley's record) when my dearest of dears move thousands of miles away.  I wanted to share my last encounter with down-to-earthers John and Gina: Reindeer Humping.  Not wanting to waste our two days together at Christmastime, four good friends piled in a car to find plastic reindeer in dire need of rearranging. 

Police evasion, porch lights, and some photos later, we are left with good memories and an even closer kinship. Thank you Wal-Mart for providing Americans with cheesy Christmas decorations to serve my need of rebellion and companionship.

*or make you mad if your reindeer have ever been disgraced.


Addie said...

I love the theme of this blog! It's like If You Give A Mouse A Cookie; we all just want something simple and then we end up with something more much complicated and wonderful.

I can't wait to read what else you decide to blog about! Don't forget the bruscetta recipe and funny video you were telling me about...

PS. I'm adding you to my RSS feed right now. :)

mom said...

Laugh outloud Chelsea! Your blob rocks. Can't wait to read more.