Saturday, May 1

Shopping Fast Day 20

Has it been twenty days already? It really doesn't seem that long, but I am half-way through my 40 day shopping fast. Through this fast, I want to show I value other things above myself. It's funny though, because I really don't feel any deprivation, I just feel renewed. It's like when you are on a diet and you want a cookie, but you resist. The next day you don't feel said because you didn't get a cookie, you feel victorious because you resisted.
Yesterday, Leslie gave me pair of TOMS shoes from a garage sale that cost fifty cents. I was just on cloud nine all day! (Where did that expression start anyway?) I felt like I was being rewarded for not buying extra stuff, and that God gave me a small desire of my heart anyway. It sounds silly because its just a pair of shoes, but the journey toward a simple life starts with simple satisfaction with just a pair of shoes.
I can't hide the fact, however, that I've also benefited from a few "buy one get one free" coffees- thanks Elaina. 20 more days to go, and then my birthday freebies will start rolling in. Can't wait!

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Addie said...

I love this post! Being able to enjoy simple things like that is truly a gift.

Can't wait to see you this week! Oh, and it's up, but technically anonymous: