Monday, June 28

Eve's Pinnacle Beauty

Something I love so much I got a tattoo of is the word Beauty. I don't know about much, but I do know that we can see the beauty of God everywhere. God is a creative artist, and he shows us just a little bit of himself through the things He creates. We are the neatest part of his creation. No other thing is made in His image. Nothing. We have the ability to create, be artistic, and think abstractly and conscientiously. When was the last time your dog stopped and stared at the sunset, just to admire how beautiful it is? Unfortunately, we foolishly worship the creation rather than the Creator. Humans have these certain innate abilities that should point us to the Creator, but instead we take these same abilities and decide that we are sufficient in and of ourselves. We make ourselves our own God, accountable to no one. It's sad, because the things that are meant to draw us to God are the very things that make us ignore him.

One of the attributes of God we can see the easiest is beauty. The things God made are stunning, just take a look around. As God was creating, he called his creation "good." Then there was something that was "not good" - Adam being alone. So God make a helpmate for him: Eve. Then creation was really complete and God called it "very good." It's like Eve is the climax of creation. She was created when God wanted to incarnate the most beautiful part of himself. We as woman are that beauty incarnate. We are a glimpse of eternity just by being a part of Eve's beauty. It isn't a coincidence that women struggle far more with self image than men. Satan would have us believe that we are not beauty incarnate, that we do not reflect God's glory, and that we are not worthy to display eternity. I believe that beauty is something that is not really up to you: every experience of beauty points to eternity. If we begin to see ourselves as beautiful, we will be drawn to our Creator, the Eternal One. After I realized that God made me to reflect His beauty, I felt blasphemous calling myself ugly. It's almost like, "How dare you- who are you that you should decide that things God made beautiful are not?"

This journey of beauty is not automatic, even years after reading these truths in Captivating, by John and Stacy Eldridge. But it is something that I want other women to know and claim for themselves. Claim the idea that the beauty of God is incarnated through you, a woman. It's not about self esteem, because our beauty should really point upwards, not inwards. Remember, every experience of beauty points to eternity.

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