Tuesday, June 22

Try It Tuesday

I got this idea from Donielle at Naturallyknockedup.com, which is a great site for nutrition made easy. No, Kenny and I are not trying to have kids yet, but we have been doing natural family planning for 2 years now and, well, as you can tell, no kids. (We totally deserve gold stars right?)

I wasn't exactly prone to trying new things growing up. OK, I was the pickiest eater my parents had ever heard of. Spaghetti and hot dogs, that was about it. It's a wonder I ever made it to the toilet. So here's to you mom: Try It Tuesday.
We eat a lot of vegetables, but we only eat a few kinds of them. Lets see, carrots, asparagus, broccoli, red tomatoes, green beans, corn, snap peas, celery, and lettuce. That's about it. So, we're going to be trying something new on Tuesdays all summer long. This Tuesday: green tomatoes. The only thing I've even heard of making with them is, of course, fried green tomatoes. And the only reason I even have heard of that is not because I've eaten them before, oh no, it's because of that fabulous movie.

They were pretty good! The tomatoes had a hint of sweetness and the crunch was delightful. I should open my own Whistle Stop Cafe.Here's the gluten-free recipe I followed from recipetips.com

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