Tuesday, July 13

Try It Tuesday: Peppers

I know, I know, this one seems easy. But I've never cooked anything with yellow or orange peppers, and since I had some I decided today was the day. I made up some spicy chicken, seasoning it with cayenne pepper, cumin, and paprika, and then threw some peppers in. I decided putting all that in a tortilla with the fixin's would be good, and then I decided cooking it quesadilla style would be even better. Dip in a little sour cream and mmmm.... it was pretty good. I did OK with the peppers in there, but after a couple slices I was ready to be done with the pepper taste. I almost felt like it was interfering with the other deliciousness going on in the tortilla. It was worth a try though! Now I've officially cooked with the 4 colors of peppers- green, red, orange, and yellow. Yeah diversity.

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Elaina said...

Way to go! Sounds good :)