Thursday, December 2

Todd and Margo

It feels like we will be moving to Idaho tomorrow. In our world, we have planned our move far earlier than the average bear, so another six months here seems impossible. It's Christmas season, and nobody really feels like getting out the decorations. Well, there's a twofold reason for that. One is that Beans managed to eat almost all our decorations over the summer as he gradually found ways to, literally, reach new heights to get into plastic tubs stored in the shed. We really don't know or want to know the true extent of his damage right now. Two- it feels like we are temporary residents just waiting around for something, so "why bother?" I almost feel like the Kranks in Skipping Christmas. Not skipping Christmas, just the tree.

Maybe we'll get the urge to decorate closer to Christmas. Cue Julia Louis-Dreyfus in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation- MARGO: "Aren't you just the tiniest bit sorry we didn't get a Christmas tree? Even though they are dirty and messy and corny and cliched?" TODD: "Where are we going to get a tree at this hour on Christmas Eve?" CRASH.

Oh man, we are Todd and Margo. Crap.


Addie said...

No way! You're allowed to take a holiday off, you know. :)

And you guys would NEVER wear those matching silver jogging suits.

Elaina said...

"And why is the carpet all wet, TODD?"

"I don't KNOW, Margo!"


(I don't like to think about you leaving just yet)