Sunday, April 17

Two Pink Lines

Since my sister announced her first pregnancy with her post Two Blue Lines, I only thought it a fitting way to let you all in our little secret: we are expecting a child in November! We got to hear the heartbeat with our midwife-for-now, Brenda, last week. It was really neat to know that I'm not crazy, and yes, there really is a little baby inside.

Kenny and I feel so fortunate to have planned our pregnancy along with the changes that our coming with our move to Idaho. We wanted to wait until we would be there to start our family, but we also knew that would mean even more dependence on God go before us. Well, here we go. It should be an exciting ride.

We will have been married 7 years this summer, and it really feels joyous to start this new chapter in our lives. We wanted to finish school (check), travel (check), and be settled somewhere (almost check) before we had kids. God allowed us to wait and I feel especially grateful because we have been doing Natural Family Planning for almost 3 years. There are lots of things to figure out- like what birth plan I want for when I'm in Idaho. I'm still trying to get a teaching job, so what about insurance, child care, time off? And you know, the major questions, like- how do you clean poop out of nostrils? Now if we could only agree on names... eh, we'll figure it out.

Some questions we've already had that I will answer here: Yes, I feel fine. I get sick sometimes at night, but no throwup. Well, I also got sick off Cheeze-its last week but I think that was because of the wheat. Yes, we want to find out what gender the baby is. Yes, I have a midwife- and no, I'm not crazy. I'm 11 weeks along this week. Yes, I'm taking prenatals and yes, I do know how important folic acid is. No, I haven't been craving anything.
Well I think that's about all. :)

Slowly getting fatter,

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Addie said...

I'm gonna be an aunt, I'm gonna be an aunt, I'm gonna be an aunt!

Can you tell I'm excited?

My favorite saying of late is go big or go home, so I'm especially proud of you all of diving head first into this year of newness. You are in good hands (and yes, I mean that in many senses of the word). :)

Can't wait to see you this weekend!