Friday, June 17

Road Trip

This post should have come first, but we photo logged our journey here to Boise. It was 2 days of sunflower seeds, Vitamin water, and bathroom/gas breaks.
Kenny and my dad tetris-cized the moving van to perfection.
I think this used to be a McDonald's in Joplin. We didn't drive through the major damage, this was just what we saw on Rangeline.
Kenny drove the whole way. He says he's never doing it again.
This was the Missouri River flooding onto the interstate around the Nebraska/Missouri border. The businesses by here had built up huge dirt hills around their places and closed down.
The town of Buford is the smallest town in the US- population: 1.
This was the first sign of mountains after the dreadfully flat Nebraska and parts of Wyoming.

Welcome to Wyoming
Again, we were excited to see anything but flat land.
We drove along a crazy storm just outside Cheyenne, WY. It was a beautiful sunset though.
It started to get really beautiful in Utah and Idaho.
We arrived at Boise after 26 hours of driving! My feet were swollen at the end of everyday, but other than that we have a great trip. We stayed at Matt and Andrea's the first night and then went to see our little house in downtown Boise! We have been painting and decorating, so I will be sure to post the inside pictures soon.

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