Tuesday, January 24

Christmas in Idaho

Our tiny little house hosted 6 adults and 3 kids for Christmas this year. It was chaos at times and we all had to take our breaks, but it was so wonderful to have our family together at our new house and to see our new lives. Everyone got to meet June and give her all the cuddles she could handle.

Papa, Yaya, and Gaga with their first granddaughter!

Papa's got the touch.

There's not many toys at my house, but Julian and Avery made do.

Julian when he opened his Transformer apron I made him.
Yes, I did get him the perfect present.

It was so good to have my sister around. Now she knows what it's like to be an Aunt to your only sister's kids. It's so special. Julian and Avery are so dear to my heart and Aunt Addie is feeling the same way toward June! I made the family some artwork using June's beautiful newborn pictures.

We started a family tradition of Cashew Chicken (Springfield style, of course) on Christmas Eve. Then we all sat in the living room and chowed down with our plates on our laps. Because, of course, where else would 9 people even begin to sit together in my house?

This Christmas was so special to me because of Julian getting to learn the real Christmas story. He had never heard the story of baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the stable, all that... well at least not that he remembered. I pray for these boys a lot and I hope they grow up knowing who Jesus is and how much He loves us all. Merry Christmas family, I love you all!

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Yaya said...

You captured the spirit of our family at Christmas. Thank you so much for your priceless words and pictures. Sharing Jesus birth with Julian was a precious moment to me as well.