Friday, February 10

January with June

Time with Daddy...

We cook together a lot of nights. Here we are making cookies for daddy. I was down about pumping issues and Kenny said, "Maybe you wouldn't be so sad if you made cookies." He's so subtle.

Here's my favorite outfit. Her first vintage tee. Yes, that is Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA album cover on the front. How amazing is that.

The best thing right now is all her babbling. She loves to make noises and smile and be absolutely adorable. Here's a video of her conversation with daddy.

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Mom said...

LOL!! What a funny post; I feel your frustration with parenthood stuff. June looks at home in her alien position in the mobey! Eat lots of cookies and when she starts rolling, crawling, walking and then running, the cookies and birth weight will burn off (if you are like the women in our family). Enjoy!