Saturday, March 24

Homeward Bound

Flying to Missouri with June was our first journey home since we moved to Boise last June. It was our first chance to show all our friends and family this miracle that they saw the first signs of as my belly grew in the first and second trimester. It was like, "Here she is! This is what was in my tummy last time you saw me!" I wanted to make lots of visits, more than usual, because I wanted to see those people I was still connected to. I probably won't be as connected to them as years go by, but our departure from these dear friends still seems new. Kenny and I had some places on our bucket list- eating at Grad School and Wingstop for starters. For me it was coffee with Elaina and Leslie at Coffee Ethic. We each had spiritual, kindred friendships with some Parkcrest friends and spent many hours diving into conversation as if we had never left. These conversations were some of the best parts of the trip for me. We ate Pao's Chinese food in Aurora and our mouths drooled the whole time and we said "Mmmm" as we took each bite. We smiled seeing Kenny's parents hold June for the first time. We took June for walks because each day was so beautiful and warm. Everyone squished and gawked over June's ample rolls on her... well, everywhere. It was such a good visit. But it wasn't really home. Not anymore.
We boarded the plane, that we almost missed, to return to Boise. When we were in Missouri, we missed the mountains in the landscape everywhere you looked. We missed our tiny little house with all our furniture crammed, literally, into 800 square feet. I missed the kind of yogurt I keep in the fridge- a brand you can only get in the Northwest. I missed my sewing projects and having my neck-support pillow. We missed our church, where we hear solid Bible teaching every week. We missed our family, our community here of believers. We missed their sarcasm and their generosity. We missed our weekly gathering with the teenagers and hearing them worship and try to understand what God is doing in their lives. We missed Netflix on the couch while June snoozes in her swing. We missed our home.
So it seems our visit back "home" was really visiting where our friends and family live. When we boarded that plane, only then we were really homeward bound. Boise. It's good to see you again.

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