Sunday, April 8


June is so precious. And cute. And funny. She grows and grows and grows. We went to the doctor last week and June weighed in at 19.0 pounds. Wow. She is 4 1/2 months old and 19 pounds! She has rolls like the Pillsbury Dough boy and she always has a double chin. I love it. When I show her off, other parents are always saying, "She's so chubby! But don't you worry, she will grow into it when she starts moving and slim right down." I can't tell you how many people have made comments like this. They assume I'm worried. It makes me laugh. Do they really think I am going to put my baby on a diet? Or that I'm watching her BMI or her cholesterol levels? Or that I'm afraid she is going to be a fat adult? No, public, no. I'm not worried, I'm so thankful for my fat baby. I love that I can't carry her in the carseat because I don't want to throw my back out. I love that she has rolls on her kneecaps that look like a TLC episode of the World's Largest Woman.

I love putting her in t-shirts that show off her cute round belly.

I love that she has cankles.

I love painting her fat little piggy toes.

She is so beautiful! Just look at that face!

She makes the loudest noises and is sticking her tongue out all the time. She's grabbing for things and putting them in her mouth, so we are getting ready to dive into the food adventure. I hold her up to my face and she opens her mouth to "kiss" me. I read her the Jesus Storybook Bible and she grabs at the pages. Probably to put them in her mouth. :)

She's starting to turn at the sound of her name. I don't know if she understands all we're saying, but me and Kenny like to pretend she does. She has rolled from back to tummy several times. I just love talking about how much she has grown and developed. I can't wait to keep seeing her get smarter and smarter and talk more and more. Being a mommy is so awesome and everyday I thank God for June Bug. I love this girl!

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ya ya said...

Ga Ga says she is the sweetest thing there ever was!!