Friday, June 8

What's Cookin?

Before Baby, I wrote a lot about cooking.  Addie insisted that I blog about my cooking and that's how this blog was born.  When we first moved to Boise, I didn't really experiment in the kitchen much.  I didn't make a lot of cookies and was in that I-hate-all-my-ideas-for-dinner phase that we all go through.  And although I am grateful for my 10 x 4 foot kitchen, I think I was subconsciously avoiding cooking in a teacup.

But lately I've really enjoyed getting back to this hobby of mine.  My days are certainly different than they ever have been.  I get to take care of June and cook and read.  Ok, ok, I need to clean, change diapers, and do some dishes and laundry every now and then, but I really enjoy my "job" now.  Here are some of my favorites of late:
I made Jaylon some BBQ Jalapeno Poppers for his birthday.  The website version isn't as good as the cookbook version, which adds shredded cheese to the cream cheese and BBQ sauce on top.
Batches and batches of Pico de Gallo.  Again, Pioneer Woman comes to the rescue.
A couple dinners of wine-garlic-butter shrimp-  After you pour wine into the pan, drink some as well while you toss the shrimp. Cook in a pan until done. Serve over pesto.  This one of those meals that makes you feel way fancier than you actually are.
Lemon Pepper Chicken.  As I opened up the spice cabinet to get lemon pepper seasoning, I had a major, life-changing realization.  I have a lemon.  I have pepper.  Let's use the real thing!  Oh, and I fell in love all over again with broiled asparagus, olive oil, and sea salt.
Throw the lemons right in the pan.  Grind pepper.  Goodness in a pan.

Let's pan back and see June.  I don't have words for the cuteness we get to see everyday

Scones.  Yummy scones with blackberrries and blueberries.  Made with spelt flour.  I just love scones.

 This morning I was inspired by Addie, again, after seeing a tweet about apple slices dipped in pancake batter.  Mmmmmm!  I used 1/2 spelt flour, 1/2 unbleached wheat flour to try to get it good for me, but tasting as "normal" as possible.

And yes, they were so good!  Thanks Addie!
And yes, that is my awesome new table I got last weekend at a garage sale.  Kenny was telling June it's my new favorite spot in the house.  It's true.  Every morning this week I've enjoyed a scone, coffee and my Bible here.  What are you cooking lately?


MrsNisly said...

I just made the perfect summer treat! Strawberries and Cream Biscuits from Smitten Kitchen! SOOO Good! I know what you mean about going through those dry spells of having any desire to cook and just being bored. I've found my love again though. It's just tough to cook when your apartment is constantly at about 90 because there's no air-conditioning. It's a workout really!

Kay Lynn said...

The best part of this post is the picture of June....oh my gosh....TOO MUCH cuteness. We just made one of the grain salads from this month's Bon Appetit. Yum.

Addie said...

I agree, Kay, that photo of June makes my day! I'm so glad you're having fun in your kitchen, no matter its size. Can't wait to cook with you soon!