Monday, September 24

40 years

My mom and dad have been married 40 years- wow!  That makes them sound old, but I really don't think that fits them.  Sometimes they act old- they both need glasses to read, my dad falls asleep watching tv on the recliner, and my mom works her hardest to understand new technology. But they work out at the gym, they travel- a lot, they do spontaneous trips to the creek and Eureka Springs, they remodel, they play guitar- and still take lessons, they try new food, and they still hold hands and love each other.  I try to soak up as much as I can of them through visits, Skype, and phone calls, but I miss being able to drop by.  I miss getting Chinese take out and barbecuing on our back porch on Sunshine street.  I really miss my dad taking me shopping or stopping by Sonic, just because.  (Can you tell my love language is gift giving?) They shell out a lot of dough to come see us in Idaho, and it makes me glad I lived close to them for as long as I did.  OK, Mom and Dad, you guys can go ahead and move to Idaho!
 Addie and I planned a celebration of their 40th year of marriage.  It was a blast and created great memories for our family. 

We had about 30 people gathered from over the past 40 years- a total surprise!

Leesa, Carlos, and Shirley drove from Austin for the occasion!

Julian was done taking pictures- but still a great picture of our little family!

The Soetarts flew in from Seattle- what a fun day for my parents to get to spend with their best friends!

And, of course, seeing little June Bug grow, grow, grow!

I love you Mom and Dad!

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