Tuesday, January 1

Winter with June

We bundled June up Avery's old and unused snowsuit from last winter.  It was a challenge- push in her gut, zip up an inch, push, zip, push, zip, and finally I squeezed her in!  Click here to watch June's reaction to her first snow.  I love at the end where she says its hot!

We are enjoying our 2nd winter here in Idaho- which is having much more snow than last winter.  We've had snow in the valley off and on for a week now!  The streets are clear and there's about an inch that stays on the grass.  Perfect!  We are amazed at what June learns everyday.  Her signing is more everyday and her words are... well, mostly "dog."  But lots of babbles that I'm sure we'll understand any day now.  Kenny thinks he heard a "thank you" out of one this morning.

Signs we've seen- dog, rabbit, fish, water, juice, please, baby, wash hands, brush teeth, car, more, hat, bear, all done, dad, potty, cracker, ball, and rolling her hands to watch her DVD of "Baby Signing Time"

Words we think we've heard- bye bye, hi, bath, mama, milk, thank you (kinda like dahn-kah), and DOG!

I couldn't even begin to think of all the words she understands.  Most things, at least in our little house.  Time to go to bed- she walks downstairs.  Are you hungry?- she walks to her highchair.  Let's go bye-bye- she walks to the door.  Time to change your diaper- she walks to her room.  Where's mama's nose?- she grabs and pulls at my nose!  She's too cute for us!

We took her to the aquarium a couple of weeks ago- fun for at least 30 minutes to a 13 month old.

I know she's not looking, but I couldn't resist showing off that handsome man I'm married to.  Love. The. Beard.

Mesmerized by colorful fish!
And here's me and June in the snow!

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Addie said...

Miss you, sweet baby June! (And Chelsea and Kenny!)