Tuesday, February 5

Ups and Downs

Life with June has many, many ups and downs.  For example, June can very quickly move up the stairs, and then down again.  Last week during the Monday morning family ministry meeting, June was set up to watch a movie in the room adjacent to the meeting, with the door open in between.  The door to the hallway was closed, but June- very quietly- pried the door open and made her way down the stairs to the church lobby.  Our associate pastor, Andy, came into our meeting with June about five minutes later.  She had been wandering around the lobby and he was gracious enough to notice her and save her.  As you can tell, my parenting skills have their ups and downs as well!

June will point up to the TV and sign for Baby Signing Time.  She will bend down and point to her toes. June often is the center of attention in a room.  She will dance at the library, make all sorts of cute signs, scowl to get a laugh, or run circles around a room.

June will take the stool from the kitchen and move it to the living room where she can then use it to climb up onto a chair or couch.  Sometimes she then falls down, sometimes into the coffee table, where she may hit her head right before we are supposed to leave for church.

She may use said stool to pull her self up to reach the counters, she may find a steak knife and go play with it in the living room and her mother catches her and almost has a heart attack (in which case I would fall down!).  True story.

She will open the fridge and pull herself up by the shelves so she is standing in the fridge.  Then she may get a hold of whatever she can grab, maybe Dad's Koolaid pitcher, and take it down, taking a gamble as to whether her mother will catch her in time to prevent a big spill!

Needless to say, this child is on the move!  But it's fun most days, and while I am trying to get my foot in the door for substitute teaching, I enjoy teaching June and seeing her learn everyday.   I get a good break in the afternoons since June is napping very regularly now, and Kenny and I are falling into a groove of this parenting thing.  Life is very, very up right now. :)
Caught pulling out all the wipes!

Caught getting into the flour! 

Bath time!  14 months old

Some more ups and downs... June is down, way down.

Evidence that June was here!

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Cookieman said...

You have captured the joys and challenges of parenting with this post. It is a wonder how kids make it to adulthood! You (we) are blessed to have you and your life with your family! Thanks for sharing. The best is yet to come!