Saturday, March 2

One Smart Little Girl

I know every parent loves to brag on their baby, so just give me some patience as I devout this post to how much June is learning.  June loves books so much and one of her favorites right now is Head to Toe, by Eric Carle.  She does the motions for every page and we finally captured it on video.

We truly have a toddler now.  She's raided the fridge for grapes, thrown fits, is a master of the stairs, helps mama with putting clothes in the washer and wiping the floors, loves going for walks and eats just about anything.

 She tells us when she's hungry, is all done, or wants more.  She has starting asking for milk right before bed and enjoys quiet times of looking at books.  She's even graduating from watching Baby Signing Time to asking for "Yo Gabba Gabba," which is a bit much at 7 in the morning.  *Cue DJ Lance- "LISTENING AND DANCING TO MUSIC IS AAWWWEEESSOOMME!"*  ~whew... that's when I start the pot of coffee...~

I just love how much June is communicating!  She has been a faithful watcher of Baby Signing Time since about 10 months old and has begun to use many of the signs in the past month or two.  These are some of my favorite moments having a signing baby:
Kenny was working late, so I filled in for bath time, which is usually a Daddy-Daughter ritual.  June is in the tub and looks up at me and signs "Daddy." She was probably thinking, "Where is Daddy?"  And when she saw the X-Box controllers in the play area at the doctor's office, she signed "Daddy" as if to say, "Hey- Daddy has those!"
I was 90% sure June thought a light bulb was the sun when she pointed to it and signed "sun."  You know, artificial light can be confusing to a little one!
She pointed to a man wearing a large cowboy hat in the store and furiously began signing "hat."  I'm sure the thought was, "Wow!  That's the biggest hat I've ever seen!"
It's so cute when she remembers to sign "please" without me asking- mostly when I tell her no to a sweet treat and she realllly wants it!
Matt Priebe taught her raise her hands when we say, "Jesus!"
She signs tree but adds a whole-body wiggle to it.  I love it.
Her sign for carrot looks like she's flapping one arm like a chicken.
Duck, bird, cat, and pig are all some version of grabbing her face.

She is saying more and more things too- nana for banana, some animal noises, and mimicking simple sounds, like when we skyped with my parents and we got a pretty good, "papa" and "yaya" out of her.  But I am so grateful for Elaine Watkins who turned us onto signing, because we get to understand so much of what she's thinking before she can say it.  I encourage other parents to do this too- even if it's only really helping for these next few months.  I remember thinking that I thought it might prevent June from saying actual words, but I haven't noticed that.  What is your experience with baby signing?

OK, thanks for letting me brag.  I pledge not to be an annoying parent who thinks their child is a genius (as I have dealt with a couple of those in the classroom) and will love my daughter unconditionally no matter how much or how little she knows.  We love you June!

June's first experience with sand- March 2013- 15 months old

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Cookieman said...

Please, don't stop bragging about our baby June! Love to hear how she's doing. I can't wait to get my hands on her in person!