Tuesday, April 30


June likes a slow opener to the day.  Like her Daddy.  Kenny will grunt for the first hour he is awake.  Oh yes, I may be ready to discuss theology or plan our summer vacation, but I have learned to wait until he's had his first cup of coffee he's had some cereal, listened to a few songs, and enjoyed some quiet time.  June will snuggle for a few minutes (like Avery used too!) and then reach out for her breakfast chair and want to watch TV.  Not that I mind a lieu in the day to drink some coffee and check my email.  (You know, I just get bombarded with work emails and I have to keep up! )  But after a few days, June's satiation with a 20 minute program just doesn't do it anymore.  She wants more, and more, and more.  Last week, she began to throw fits if we turned it off and ask for TV all day long.  One night she cried for 45 minutes for bedtime because we turned off Yo Gabba Gabba- her current favorite.  "June needs a TV Fast!"  I declared.  So for two days we had no screen time.  The first morning I think she was really sad and wanted some extra snuggles because she couldn't watch lions. (Another fave link attached)  She eventually forgot about asking for TV and we continued with our day.  I noticed she was being really well behaved and obedient for other little things, like holding my hand in the parking lot or getting her diaper changed.  I always give her a command by looking her in the eye and asking her to say, "Yes Mommy," and she began to respond, "yeah" when I did this.  It was so great!

I felt like I communicated that I have the power to give and take away and her resulting obedience just made our days so much happier.  I know the power struggle will be a balance throughout parenting, but I just can't believe we grounded our 17 month old already!  Discipline has started and I have to be ready- even if I'm not!  Kenny and I have been memorizing Proverbs 3 and I am reminded of a piece of wise advice: "Do not despise the Lord's discipline, do not resent his rebuke.  For the Lord disciplines those He loves as a father the son he delights in." Good parents delight in their children and discipline them when necessary.  I was thinking about if God ever had to take away "TV" in my life to help me not be so grumpy.  The answer is yes!  Kenny and I literally fasted from TV for 40 days a few years ago.  The result being we felt His calling to leave Aurora.  Little did we know He had Idaho in our plans, and what joy we have found being here.  God has taken away teaching from me temporarily.  I couldn't understand why I couldn't get a job when we first moved out here- we really needed the money!  I have found so much joy in staying home with June that couldn't have been received if I were working right now.   God has the power to give and take away in our lives, and our resulting obedience to what He has given us makes our days so much more joyful. 

Many more lessons from parenting are sure to come.

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