Wednesday, April 10

Some "Best of" Pics (13-16 months old)

Kenny has been so great to give me time to myself every week.  Usually Friday mornings, but this day I needed a nap in the middle of the week when he got home from work.  June went through, I guess, a teething-wake-up-a-lot-night.  He took her disc golfing for two hours.  They had a blast!
Our little chunk is slimming down.  But look closely- those rolls are still there!  16 months old
Easter Dinner with friends at the house.  June was entertaining us all after finally feeling better!
Easter Cuteness thanks to Grandma Shell!  She wasn't feeling 100% this weekend, but she sure was adorable!
16 months old.  Found the eggs.
Where to mom?  April 2013
June looooves riding in the bike trailer.  She will walk to the backyard, climb in the trailer, and look at me like, "Let's go mom!"
Love me some dirt.  15 months old
Little hipster.  15 months old
The famous scowl.  14 months old.  She looks a lot like me when she does this!
This is one of my favorites from the winter- she loved the snow.  She would even just watch out the screen door for a long time then sign snow and get excited.  13 months old.
A few unusually warm days in April led to some puddle and sprinkler playing!  She has always and will always love the water.

Be sure to check this video of June dancing and wiggling too!!!  


Pa Pa said...

It is so great to see all these pictures of my adorable little Junebug! Can't wait to see her this summer!

Cookieman said...

Thanks for sharing! I was needing a June fix today! Love you guys, can't wait until July!!