Monday, May 6

YaYa Time!

We had a visitor from a Kingdom far, far away... Missouri!  YaYa came to get lots of hugs and kisses and playtime with Junie B!  We went to the zoo, the aquarium, the Greenbelt, the Co-op and spent lots of time playing and reading books.  It was so fun to see her after the longest stretch ever- since September of last year!  Can't wait until July when they come again!

At the Zoo!  Looks at Mom's awesome long hair! 

It took June awhile to feel comfortable in the pool.  But she had a blast!

Me trying to reincarnate my dad's Kick-Me-Swing-Game

16 months old at Ann Morrison Park

NOT a sit-at-home Grandma!  :)

At the Aquarium

She's wearing her cute cow PJ's here. 

Bath time!

At First Baptist on Sunday morning together.

Where'd your pants go???

I love this face.  It's like swinging is her own personal drug.

YaYa took her for a ride around the block a few times! 

Thanks for visiting YaYa!  We love you!

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yaya said...

It was the best time ever! Thanks for everything. Can't wait till July😊