Friday, June 7

Making Friends and Finding Community

I miss my friends in Missouri so much sometimes!  It was a different season of life, done with college, without June, teaching full time.  I remember going to Happy Hour after school sometimes with Katy after a stressful day, lots of movies and coffee dates with Elaine during the summer.  Strolling downtown for (more) coffee and shopping with Leslie.  Great conversations with Liz and the Park Crest girls until 2 in the morning.  Reminiscing with Rachel and Christie about crazy Junior High times. Encouraging Malea and Sara in their ever changing seasons of life.  Double dates or barbeques with couple friends from BBC- always wishing that John and Gina still lived in Missouri to join us (of course they do now, and we don't!).

I felt so loved that Leslie came to Idaho in April to see the Barrett's.  She and Kenny have always had an ongoing sarcasm banter that shows just how long both of them have been in my life.  Leslie and I went to school from Kingergarten to 12th grade together, and became close again in the couple years before I moved.  We had the best time shopping, playing with June, having lots of coffee (of course), eating good food, and hanging out with some of my new friends here. 

As Kenny gathered together a lot of the special people in my life for my birthday yesterday, I was blown away with the love I felt from everyone around the table.  I just loved the conversation and laughing and the fact that Andrea paid my $25 fine at the library for my birthday.  A true friend for sure.  (Don't ask how I racked up that much in fines!)  While I miss my friends from Missouri, friends here in Idaho have made this place feel like home.  I love biking to meet up with June's playmates at the zoo, or to stroll along the riverwalk while Kenny plays disc golf.  Coffee dates are somewhat less frequent, because Boise could use some lessons from some of the baristas in Springfield about how to do a cappuccino right.  (FYI- Flying M gets it pretty good- but you have to ask for an extra foamy latte to get the equivalent- and it's 8 oz not 6).  I love that several of my friends here challenge me in my walk with God and teach me things about all walks of life.  I love staying home right now and getting out most days to enjoy time with June.  Kenny and I enjoy walking downtown or just around the block talking about the day.

God calls his people to live in community with one another.  One of the greatest things about Boise and First Baptist Church is the community of people that are authentic followers of Jesus.  We are not perfect of course, but doing life together feels real here, not just a cliche statement.  There is drama sometimes, but more forgiveness.  There is accountability, but grace.  There is laughter and tears.  There are differences, but non-essentials are truly non-essentials.  These are just a few of things I've noticed and appreciated in our community.  God is good.  What do you love about your community?

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