Wednesday, November 6


Well the story has happened many times over in history.  A missed period, nausea, hurting boobs... and the sneaky suspicion that you are pregnant.  This is what transpired with me toward the end of September.  I knew before I took the test: I was pregnant.  Not on purpose.  I realized this on a Friday and sat and contemplated for the next two days before I took a test.  My thoughts were all over the place- from anxious to excitement to practically- how should I tell Kenny?  I took the test on a Sunday morning.  In the bathroom, my first thought was, "Oh shit."  Excuse my bluntness, but I want to remember that.  Now I think it's kinda funny, cause I'm not one to curse that often.  I realized my weekend of reflection was not underscored by this positive pee stick.  This was happening.  Not just maybe, not just "Oh wouldn't that be a big change?" But oh man I have to go to pregnancy and labor and breastfeeding and diapers and feeding and late nights and no sleep nights and pumping and fat clothes and ... and ... and...  AH!  My second thought, then, was, "I'm not doing this naturally.  Nope.  I'm not going to have anxiety about that on-coming pain.  I'm getting the shot.  OK, I can do this."

That night I pinned a note on June's shirt that said, "I'm going to be the best big sister ever!" I gave her the pee stick and told her to go give it to Daddy.  She obeyed and Kenny was a little bit confused.  He asked if this was for real and then, "How did this happen?!?"  We do track my cycles very carefully, but back in August my body just decided to do things differently.  God definitely intervened.  That was Kenny's first thought- well, OK, God must want us to have another child.  Alright, here we go.

We chose to do the ultrasound at our first appointment with a real baby doctor- a first for me.  This little peanut was already wiggling like crazy and had a strong heartbeat.  We sat on our secret for a little while longer and then called our families.  They are beyond excited, to say the least.

I finally have enough energy to write this blog post.  My afternoon and evening nausea has not been fun.  I don't throw up but I only want to lay around and not move.  Today I felt like moving, so today my blog gets updated!  And my house got cleaned!  It was a great day.

Our due date is May 29, and if this one is late like June, we should have a June baby (ironically).  It was pretty fun for Kenny and I to post a picture of the ultrasound at the same time on Facebook and watch the love come in.  We felt so encouraged and blessed to hear from friends and family.  We can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl! (and Kenny is really hoping he will get to use the name Nash!)

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Cookieman said...

When God intervenes he has a plan. His plan is greater than you can imagine. Look what he gave us- YOU!