Wednesday, May 14

All By Myself

We've recently began reading the Little Critter series to June, which contains the the story All By Myself.  She loves these stories because that little critter is doing and saying things that are just about her age.  We've been letting her choose her clothes and she feels so proud of her outfits.  Here are a few to share:
May 2014

January 2014.  This became an inspiration for Kenny's latest tattoo

April 2014

March 2014.  Notice the different socks!
Here she picked out hats for all of us to wear. 

April 2014.  Those are HER sunglasses

The last video is from awhile ago, but she insisted on wearing those snow boots all morning.  I had to share it.

As you can see, accesories are a must for June- hats, sunglasses, she even likes to tell me how she wants her hair- it's usually either "pig-tales like Emma" or a headband. A wise mother told me yesterday to let her have as many decisions now as she can so later she won't feel like she has to prove her independence.  Good advice!

I can't wait to see how June interacts with Nash.  I think she will be such a good sister and help out a lot.  She loves to mother her stuffed animals and is *usually* gentle with other babies in her life.  She will probably be picking out his outfits too!

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Cookieman said...

Good advice and adorable pics. I love you!