Sunday, July 13

McCall, Idaho

June, Nash and I went out for an adventurous three days in the mountains.  It was a lot of work, but June had so much fun in the water and we enjoyed ourselves most of the time!  Kenny was busy at camp, but we got to see him and friends at camp for a little bit each day, and the rest of our time was exploring McCall, Idaho. 

This is at Ponderosa State Park in McCall

Here's Nash, just chillin while we swam!

We had strawberry lemonade at the farmer's market in downtown McCall

It was raining here but we still made a trip to Ice Cream Alley

I saw a deer and fawn at Ponderosa

Junes says, "We're in the jungle!"

Nash was mesmerized by the trees

Picnic on the beach

This picture is deceitful.  They did not sleep really well this whole week Daddy was gone.  Nash is on a growth spurt and June, well, she's just really stubborn!

She finally fell asleep about 20 minutes from home.  Of course she woke up when I tried to move her inside!
Nash means "adventurer" so it's only appropriate that we get to exploring with him ASAP.  I felt like a true Idahoan and am still proud to call this place home.  We got to spend time this month with YaYa and PaPa, John and Gina, and the DJB crew from Florida.  Despite not sleeping very much, this has still been a great month of fun and memories with friends and family!  We are blessed for sure.

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