Sunday, July 13

Newborn- Round Two

Sleep.  Precious sleep.  Even as I write this, at 8:45 at night, I'm thinking about how Nash is sleeping and if I went to bed right now I might get a two hour stretch of sleep before he wakes up to eat.  Might.  I do not miss this stage from when June was a baby.  I've never, never, look at June and think, "Oh I miss when you were a baby!" And frankly, I don't really understand moms that do say that.  My thoughts are, "Man, I can't wait to sleep for 5 hours in a row again."  5 hours, Nash, that's all I'm asking for.  I got one night a couple weeks ago with a 5 hour stretch and I felt like a million bucks.  No, ten million.  It was glorious. 

Despite not sleeping, Nash has been easier than the first time around with June.  I only woke him up to feed him every three hours for the first few days, and then I let him sleep as long as he would before feeding him.  With June I went out to eat when she was 3 weeks old- with Nash I went out to eat when he was 4 days old.   It took 5 months before breastfeeding was totally pain free with June, with Nash I can say it's pretty much pain free this week- at 6 weeks old. ( I have also been on a strike with the breastpump.  I hate that thing and I was determined to not use it if I could help it.  And I haven't!  No cows here!)  Yes, most things are coming much faster and easier than with June. 

No sleep starts.... now!
YaYa and Papa came when Nash was 3 days old and stayed for almost two weeks.  We loved every minute of it! And so did June and Nash!

YaYa doing her thing

PaPa doing his thing (watching Days of our Lives on a break from endless cooking and dishes!)

At the zoo!  We went on this outing when Nash was almost two weeks old.  I don't think I hardly left my bedroom before June was two weeks old, much less to go to the zoo!

So tiny!

Two lovebirds

They helped out so much!

Mom's expression is awesome!

Picnic at Julia Davis park before Yaya and Papa went home

The right is one month old- a little chubbier!
Loving our double stroller for walking around the North End.

June is already finding ways to play with Nash- here she is playing Night night!

Here she played stickers with him!

With June I described the first three weeks as "heavenell"- part heaven, part hell!  This has been night and day easier- even with having a toddler around.  Even though each night that goes by with several wakings, I find each day, somehow, feels almost normal.  You learn to live on less sleep.  But when I do get a full night's sleep- we can all go to happy hour together to celebrate!

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