Sunday, August 10


Sixteen.  I had just turned 16 when Kenny and I went on our first date to see Rat Race at the theater in Monett, Missouri.  We touched elbows in the theater- sparks flew.  Then we fed ducks at the pond and drove back to Verona in his mom's Pontiac.  Kenny was almost 18 and had just gotten his driver's license.  He had left his high school the year before and never went back- to homeschool - and was working on a farm to save up to buy a car.  I was an honor roll student with way too many things on my social calendar.  We were complete opposites in many ways- but about four months later I knew without a doubt that God had his man marked as my future husband.  I had just given him a hug to say goodnight and got into my car.  This thought overwhelmed me- "I'm going to marry him." It frightened me and excited me all at the same time.  And I've never looked back on that decision since.

Let's skip ahead three years of, shall we say, a turbulent dating relationship.  We were in love, but we were a mess in many ways.  I'm reminded of the song from Frozen- "You can fix this fixer upper up with a little bit of love!"  After we started college, the major issues we had dealt with- family, money, emotions, and school- had begun to settle down.  We spent the summer of 2004 as camp counselors in California.  Four days after we got back, we got married on August 17th.  It was a Tuesday evening, 7 o'clock, on Buford and Debbie's front porch in Aurora, Missouri.  It was simple, small, and perfect.  We spent two nights in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and then began our lives together in a small studio apartment in D building on the campus of Baptist Bible College. We started out as many couples do: poor, young, and in love. (Wait, I think that still describes us)

2001- "I am 16 going on 17..."

2002- A youth group trip to Worlds of Fun

2003- My senior year of high school

2004- Engagement Picture

2004- The Big Day

2005- At BBC

2006- Living in Aurora

2007- On a trip to Austin

2008- Snowboarding in Nevada

2009- 5th Anniversary road trip to Nashville

2010- My 25th birthday party

2011- In NYC

2012- Enter June
2013- Life in Idaho

2014- Growing Family
Getting married young isn't for everyone.  But I have enjoyed growing up with Kenny by my side.  We have evolved in our likes and dislikes, celebrated seasons of success and achievement, and stood together in seasons of challenge and change.  We were supposed to plan an overseas tropical anniversary trip... but Nash came along at just the right moment to upset those plans.  So instead we will take a short trip to Seattle- Kenny picked it because he knows how much I like coffee.  He knows me pretty good.  I know him too. He loves me pretty good too.  And I love him.  Happy 10th Anniversary to my hat-wearing, guitar-playing, video-slinging, can't-grow-a-beard-but-I-don't-care, cookie-loving, most patient and loving husband.

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