Tuesday, November 25


June asks me to paint her toenails and fingernails. She insists on pink polish with pink sparkles on top. After I accidentally smudge one of her still wet nails, she looks at her nail and points with the other hand and says,"It died!"
We play little red riding hood and grandma on her bed for a while. Here's how it goes: I say, "Grandma it's me! Grandma what big eyes you have!" and then June says, "The better to see you my dear!" Then I say, "Grandma what big ears you have!"  To which June replies, "The better to see you my dear!" I say, "Grandma what big teeth you have!" And June waits, and smiles, and I pick up the line "The better to eat you my dear"! And pretend to chomp at her belly while she laughs and giggles. This may go on a dozen or more times in a row.
When it is time for nap I read her the story Owl Moon.  Upon leaving her room I hear her proceed to rehearse her favorite movie lines from Frozen, Tangled, and the Little Mermaid.  I go in and remind her that it's naptime, and I set a timer so that she will stay still until the timer goes off. She slams herself face down on her pillow with her arms crossed under her head. She says, "Get out of here! Just leave me alone!" which I immediately recognized as a movie line from the Little Mermaid. Picture with me Ariel laying face down, crying on a rock after her father has destroyed the statue of Eric. This is the scene June is reacting. Sure enough she proceeds to break into song- "What what I give to live where you are? Then she mumbles a little bit of words she doesn't quite know, her finger touches an imaginary painting of a candle, and she sings, "... burn!" I was too amused to be mad at her for not laying down.
The days of quoting movie lines and reading books and painting nails are something I will cherish forever.
Playing dress up is all-day event in our house

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