Tuesday, November 18

Changing Seasons

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Dear June,
Things are better.  Last birthday, I struggled to write about our days together, trying to look for good little moments while dealing with poop and tantrums.  Now you are more cute than naughty.  More times of little giggles instead of little spankings.
You are a first born for sure- a leader in many ways. 
Poor Liam.  June, we are trying to teach you compassion and kindness with your friends!
Your personality is so fun and you love to make us laugh.  I love to do your hair in lots of ponytails and clips (it's all "pigtails" to you).  We call you a bag lady sometimes because you wear lots of layers of clothes.  But I love that we can already see how unique you are!

We have lots of fun playing dress up (you love princesses right now), watching Frozen and Tangled, making cookies "(Wanna make some coooookies?!?!"), and playing with Nash.  We act out fairy tales and songs from Frozen almost every day.

One of my favorite things you do is use movie lines in real conversations.  It started with "Grrrific!" from Daniel Tiger and just a few weeks ago you were going to the bathroom and told me I could "stay here and watch for sharks" (from the Little Mermaid).  When your baby dolls "cries," you sing "I will be there, don't you cry..." (Sting's song from Tarzan)
Another funny thing is you ask us what you want us to ask you.
June: "Did you have fun at Stanley's birthday party?!?"
Mom: "Did you have fun at Stanley's birthday party June?"
June: "Yeah!!  It was so great!"

Some other favorite sayings:
"What's a matter sweetheart?" or "Oh... baby sweetheat! Are you ok?"
"Whew! What a day!"
"Let's go home and eat some lunch!" (You used to say this every time we pulled up to the house- not matter the time of day or even if we just got done eating somewhere)
"Oh that'd be so great!"
"I love you too" (You say this first, before I've said "I love you")
You call the Kiddy pool at the Y the "Kitty Cat Pool"

Your two year old self has unique ways to describe what you want.  You wanted to watch Potatoes (which was Veggie Tales) and Mommy Daddy Go On Adventures Elephant Gorilla (which was Tarzan) and lately you've wanted to watch Lizard Bottle (which is Oscar's Oasis on Netflix).
Some favorite moments with you:
First day of preschool

You planted beans, hoping to grow a beanstalk for Jack to climb.  (We actually got lots of beans to grow!) You are dressed in one of Gaga's old slips and you feel like a princess when you wear it!

Shopping at Trader Joe's

A classic June-picked outfit

You are so smart Junebug!  I love seeing you learn from a parent and teacher's eyes

You grow and change, and I grow and change. I used to ask God all the time about when He wanted me to go back to teaching school.  Recently, He showed me that I need to stop asking, and just enjoy this "pasture" He's got me grazing in right now.   Here at home with you and Nash is something I never would have planned for myself, but it's a privilege to teach you and be your best friend right now.


Cookieman said...

Only a stay at home mom would have the time to know all of these wonderful aspects of life with her 3 year old. You will never regret the time you spend at home with your young children. It is a blessing and a gift from God. It's one of the hardest jobs, but well worth it!!!

Jennifer King said...

I'm glad to see there is a light at the end of the tantrum tunnel. It's challenging!