Wednesday, February 11

Six months with Nash

First breath: May 28th at 5:31 AM
First weigh-in: 8 lbs 8 oz
First diaper change: The nurse in the hospital
First latch on: Right after birth!
First outing: Mazzah at 4 days old (he cried the whole time)
First baby sitter: YaYa and PaPa
First smile: Around 4 weeks old- and very ticklish from early on
First long sleep: 6 hours at 10 weeks old.  I think I know why he slept so long. This was on our anniversary trip to Seattle.  We took him with us to see Ray LaMontagne.  This concert may or may not have been outside, in a state where pot is legal, and there may have been a haze lingering over the crowd for most of the night.  #hotbox 
First night away from home: 6 weeks old- Me, June and Nash went to McCall for two nights.
First night away from Mom: 5 months old- I slept at Whitney's apartment so I could sleep ALL NIGHT LONG. 
First food: broccoli

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