Friday, December 19

Highs and Lows

Low:  June stayed up late with us to enjoy our Christmas party and was up and down the stairs frequently as a movie ("Allura" = Aurora = Sleeping Beauty) was playing downstairs, but all the fun was upstairs. Little did we know that she was sneaking Oreo truffles down into our bed and eating them there.  Needless to say, the next day June was a little grumpy, probably from a combination of a tummy ache and lack of sleep. Later we went to church to get some things done, and she refused to come with me after because I only let her eat a couple handfuls of M&Ms from a present from Dena.  She ran off into the church and I went back to the office to finish my to do list. A few minutes later I came back in to the lobby and I hear June crying from somewhere saying, "Mommy! Mommy!" I could hear her, but I couldn't see her and it sounded like her voice was coming from where the elevator would open up. Sure enough she had gotten onto the elevator by herself and could not figure out how to get off the elevator! She had peed her pants because she was scared and sad, and when I pushed the button and the door opened I saw tears streaming down her face and a huge look of relief that I had come to rescue her! Oh June...
High: We went to Chick-fil-A for a play date and lunch.  June and Stanley played quite well. I took her and Stanley to the bathroom at the same time Stanley commented that girls do not have penises. "That's right Stanley," I said.  June looked at me and said, "Yeah I don't have a peanut."
High: Nash sitting up all by himself!
Low: Nash spitting up a lot, because sitting up is squishing his extra round tummy :)
High: Trading pants with Sharla because she had fat pants and a skinny kid and I had skinny pants with a fat baby.  *Bonus High: Said pants were little corduroy joggers from H&M that I had been drooling over a few weeks ago! Now I have them!  I feel like it was a little blessing from God because I didn't go and buy them ;)
High: My white elephant gift! I think we have a new tradition of #dollinthehall.

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