Saturday, January 31

Daddy is Gone

Every time Kenny is gone for a long time I break out a new princess movie. When Kenny was at junior high camp last summer we watched Frozen for the first time. Now he is in Rwanda for 10 days and I showed June Beauty and the Beast for the first time. She has watched it several times already and today while watching the scene where Beast and Bell are outside in the snow, finally getting along, she excitedly says, "Look! The Beast is making good choices!"

Be still my heart. 

Both kids have colds and I'm doing my best to nurse them back to health. My Facebook post today read, "My house smells... just smells.  Two sick kids means ALL the hippie remedies come out- from garlic oil in the baby's ears to boiled thyme and oregano for steam baths.  Not to mention oils for chest rubs, feet rubs, diffusers... oh and poopy diapers and spilled cherry bark honey cough syrup.  It's lovely." 

Good memories being made this week. 

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