Sunday, May 29

Nash Turns Two

Dear Nash,
This letter finds me low on energy, full of love and thankfulness, and inspired to blog once again because of your birthday.  You turned two yesterday, and it's remarkable how much you've grown since my last letter to you.  Here are some of my favorite things you do right now:

  • You "jump" over bumps and cracks in the sidewalk by lifting up and grunting.  We haven't seen any air under those feet yet, but you sure try!
  • Your favorite song is Baa Baa Black Sheep.  You ask for "Baa Baa"
  • You think burps are the funniest thing!  After someone burps you say  "scoo you!" and laugh and then try a fake burp yourself.
  • You still love your woobie and pacifier.  Not sure when the pacifier will have to go, but it's soon!
  • You have this favorite past time of trying to slap my belly.  
  • You love dancing, and will often try to dance exactly like June.  Even ballerina style.
  • You get hangry very quickly, and often ask for a "nak" (snack)
  • You always want to be outside and going inside means you will throw a fit!
  • You HATE getting new shoes.  If you have to try on new shoes you will, undoubtedly, throw yourself on the ground and cry for at least 20 minutes.
  • You make animal noises- the cutest ones are elephant and snake
  • You "count" to play hide and go seek.  It sounds like "wuuuun, tooooo, toooo, toooo!"  And when its your turn to hide your either count with the counter or hide around the corner to scare the counter!
  • You absolutely love ducks. 
  • You are creative.  You don't need a car to play cars- a spoon will do just fine!
  • Your hair is crazy and we have started putting it up in a little top knot.  This gets quite the attention ranging from "so cute!" to accidentally called a girl.  
  • You have the cutest face when you are talking about cake, treats, cookies, or ice cream.  You know all those means something sweet is going in my mouth!  When people asked if it was your birthday, you just replied, "Cake!"
  •  You and June chase each other and play monster a lot.  I call it Monster Nash
We are so thankful for you, despite the fact that you throw a fit almost every time it's time to change your diaper.  I'm looking forward to this summer, when we can go to the pool (You dive straight in without fear- I'm doing my best to keep you alive!) and be lazy and be adventurous too.  Daddy says its almost time for his Nash tattoo on his arm next to June's.  Thank you for teaching me to be more laid back as a mom, for going to bed so well, and for kisses that leave inordinate amounts of slobber on my face.  I love you, Nashie.


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