Saturday, April 8

Sabbath Readings (Part 2)

We set apart one day a week for freedom.  We are free from our jobs, chores, homework, or any other work that makes us tired.  We are free to do whatever makes us feel free.  We are free from bad words and thoughts, and the only thing on our to-do list is “nothing.” We are free from phones, TV’s and other technology that seem to rule our lives the rest of the week.  For one day, we stop trying to fix our problems with money, relationships, or anything else in this world.  Is there any other tradition that gives us more hope and helps us become our best self other than the Sabbath?

The seventh day is a way to pause our lives from feeling so hard, even when nothing has really changed.  When the seventh day comes, it is like a little bit a break from any conflicts, fighting, or tension.   Sometimes we are mad or frustrated with each other, the world, or with ourselves, and the Sabbath brings peace to all areas of our lives.  We don’t have to worry about money at all; it’s best if you don’t even talk about money on this day.  Money is the most important thing to everyone else in the world, so on the Sabbath, we don’t let it have any of our attention.  Only God gets our worship on the Sabbath.
The seventh day is telling sadness and worry to go away all day long.  Even if you’ve been in big trouble all week long, you can let it go on the Sabbath.  God has set up the Sabbath for us, and we can’t speed it up, slow it down, or skip it when it comes each week.

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