Monday, December 4

A Lesson in Love From My Morning Smoothie

It's hard to write about the sweet side of love this morning.  I have had a rough morning with my kids.  Nash ran out the door and I didn't know where he was for a few minutes.  June could not accept that we weren't going to her friends' house ASAP upon waking, and we fought about it.  She's mad at me as I write this.

Love is simplicated.  It's like a smoothie- it's not all sweet, but it's all good.  Good for them, and for for us. It's good for us to have to give love when the child cannot say, "Thank you" or "I love you" back.  It teaches us unconditional love.  It's good for our pride to have to put others before ourselves. It's a good thing for our children to learn that love means I will keep you safe, and that means I must say no sometimes.  We learn, we grow, together.

But it's bitter when it's plain. hard. work.  "In pain you will bring forth children..." (Genesis 3)- I don't think this means just the child birthing part.  My children test me, and I have to give far more physically and emotionally that I thought possible.  It's plain hard work to be patient with a three year old who just threw his vitamin down the vent and screamed "NO" at you. It's nearly impossible to get June to go to bed or obey the first time. It's downright painful when Nash wouldn't nap and then grumpily smacks you in the face as you wrestle him into a new pull-up before bedtime.

But the sweet part is this little person, looking at you, loving you, giving you kisses and laughter.  The sweet part is when your 6 year old starts (trying) to tell knock knock jokes.  It's sweet when you get kisses from a little boy who leaves extra slobber on your cheek and you get to wipe it off with a smile.  The sweet part is when they finally say “Thank you, I love you.”

As this day went on, Nash told me he loved me.  Twice. I could cry just remember his soft little voice saying it.  Part of our Saturday night Sabbath ritual is saying something good we remember from the week.  It's kind of like high-low, except we leave out the low, at least on Sabbath.  I want to remember the sweet right now, relish in it, for at least... 20 seconds. Before Nash refuses to eat his vegetable soup.

My Morning Smoothie
1 cup frozen fruit
1-2 cups spinach or BABY kale
1/2 cup yogurt
2 tbsp chia seeds or flax seeds or something, ya know, hippie dippie
1 banana (if I have one)
1 cup liquid- juice, almond milk, or just water

Blend, sip, adjust if too bitter, repeat, enjoy.  (Also an excellent recipe for motherhood)

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