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Hope, Hummus, and Wishenpoof

The world is offering some hope if you look for it. There are character-building lessons in every curriculum in public school.  Children's TV shows abound with morality principles for getting along with others.  Your purchase of everyday items can contribute to a just cause. The hummus you buy can fight mental illness.  Here's the HOPE hummus company promising to spread more than your chickpea mash: "Together we can make breaking the silence on mental health possible. " The meal replacement shake you order can give a meal to a hungry child in need (ironic, but true). There is no shortage of just causes in this world seeking to improve our planet and our lives. It's hope... of a certain variety. But then when our churches come along and offer a kind of hope, often it sounds more like the jingle of a PBS show or an ad slogan.  What kind of hope are we offering? We may think our hope sounds better or more appealing than the world's version of hope, but often i

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