Sunday, April 25

Jalapeno Key Lime Chicken

To go with my favorite black bean salsa, I often make hot sauce chicken. Which is, exactly what is sounds like. Hot sauce, chicken, cooked in a pan (maybe even some butter just for kicks). Well this week I got really fancy and tried an easy concoction to spice up my chicken (Do you hear the simplication in that sentence? That one was for free.)

  • 2 chicken breasts - in my house we are loving Harvestland chicken, because it's raised right and our nearest Walmart sells it :)
  • 1 finely chopped jalapeno (more seeds = spicer!)
  • 1 tbsp chopped garlic
  • Key lime juice
  • Salt and pepper

Start with olive oil in a pan on medium heat. Once hot, let the garlic and jalapeno cook together for just a minute. Then add the chicken and turn the heat on low and put a lid on it. This makes the chicken turn out juicy. Cook until the chicken is white all throughout, about 15 min. Season with salt and pepper, and then squeeze lime juice over the chicken just before removing from heat. I've been using key lime juice, because I have it from making key lime pie over a year ago, and really, what else can you do with key lime juice?

So we had some yummy lunches all week from this and the salsa. Today's lunch? Left over pizza reheated in the oven. It's pretty good too.


Addie said...

Yum! After that hot sauce story I wrote for Valentine's Day, I've got more hot sauce than we'll eat in a lifetime. Gotta find some new ways to use it. Thanks!

Love you!

Kelly said...

You have a blog, and I didn't even know! I'm glad to find a new way to keep up with you. :-)